​Windows Network Issues
Windows Firewall is an amazing security application which is offered by Microsoft with its Windows Operating System (OS) package. It’s designed to restrict and detect the potential warnings/threats from running on the PC and the firewall utility has proved itself as the best solution while looking for basic malware attacks protection. Our Network Support expert team provides support for Microsoft’s Windows OS security.

Although Microsoft tries a lot to make the utility more user-friendly and intrusive, Network Firewall is always updated with multiple activated policies to keep malicious attacks away from PC. Although incorporation of the latest technology and newly added features make the application reliable and stronger, the common issues with the network firewall have annoyed the users.

Here's We are mentioning some common issues with Windows firewall:

Install Other Firewall Program Despite Windows Pre-Installed Firewall

  • The firewall forms a very strong 'defense-in-depth' strategy by deploying some multiple utilities, which are used in layers to protect your PC from virtual attacks. The extensive use of additional firewall programs can cause issues, and it’ll be a disaster. If both the firewall programs do not match properly.  The two most common problems that a user might need to face is the uncertain/unexpected shutdown of programs and blockage of the network traffic.

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  • And, If you choose to install a Non-Microsoft firewall program which is developed by other company, the manufacturer's firewall application will disable all Microsoft’s Windows Firewall to prevent a clash on your PC. The user can continue to use the Non-Microsoft firewall application by keeping the Firewall turned off.

Blocking An Application By Firewall

  • Another major issue while using a Microsoft Windows Support Network Firewall program is that sometimes it blocks the network traffic that user wants to allow or require to ensure smooth system operations. If PC’s firewall is blocking the traffic, then it's quite possible that user may not get access to the updates, notifications, and other relevant things. The first thing that user can do to fix this issue is to check that Windows Firewall is enabled on the network location.

Network Firewall Support

  • If the above issues related to your firewall, are still not resolved, you need to avail Windows Customer Support via Phone, Email, and Live Chat at service for your computer. They are available 24x7, 365 days. Even though Network issues are pretty common in the world of networking, but it’s not so common among end users. And in case you are a non-technical user, it’s advisable that you need to get in touch with a Windows Network Tech Support Number service provider and avail their support package to resolve these kinds of problem-related to the network.